Friday, June 23, 2023

For interplanetary missions, spacecrafts-satellites have to communicate with each-other or earth-based control centers through large distance in space. Sometimes, due to certain reasons, the communication links breaks and the transferred data is lost. NASA is working on a new innovative technology to develop internet with disruption tolerant networking system for interplanetary space missions.

How does internet work ?

The Internet works through a packet routing network i...

Sunday, June 18, 2023


An artistic view of Space Launch System (SLS). Credit: NASA

NASA is working on a new super-heavy-lift launch vehicle called Space Launch System or SLS. The Space Launch System will be used to launch the Artemis I, the mission to go back on moon (Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo). The SLS will produce around 8.8 million pounds of thrust during initial stage at lift-off, becoming the most powerful lanuch vehicle ever built.


SLS components. Credit: NASA

Solid boosters

The SLS w...

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